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Project Life: The Halt, The Mess of Crafting

January 23, 2014

It seems with teens growing, emotional and spiritual progress, house in constant “post-party” mode, and a lot of demands on us all, scrapbooking has taken a back seat.  It feels like a “job” to do, and another mess.  The odd thing is, my craft space seems a continual mess, regardless of progress.  This is something I’m gradually tackling.  By the time I get clean, winter…along with my time for reflection and crafting, will be over.  Do I want to “mess” with the “mess”, just clean “the mess” or make something in the “mess”.  I don’t know.  I’m working on lettering and calligraphy more lately.  It soothes me.  The order.  The form.  The loveliness.  In a winter of death, dying X about 6…in eight weeks time.  I’m just needing that self time to heal, restore, and just enough family, not log it.

But, I’m missing pics of my teens at their most beautiful.  I want more pics.  I want to have them send me all their own favorite cell phone shots. No matter what I choose, they don’t like the pictures I take of them.  LOL

And…I struggle for having everything set up.  Space ordered.  Card making, scrapbooking, school albums?  WHAT is this space for?  And how I do I manage multiple spaces and projects on different floors of the house?  It all gets so complicated, and messy!  So, I’m sort of stuck.  Not sure where I’m headed.  Just making it through winter.  But, part of me is longing to create and enjoy and just embrace the life we have…not get bogged too much into the grief of what is loss…at least, not to the point that I miss the present.  So, thankfulness, and embracing and rejoicing, celebrating, recording, noticing…all these I want to do.  If it weren’t for the mess.  LOL


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