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More Project Life

October 23, 2012

This is the hidden journaling referred to in a prior post. I’m still figuring out how to post from my iPod to avoid the photo upload process! I had not yet figured out how to include more than one photo per post!


This is the graduation series continued. It was a two page spread with a smaller insert stuck between. Stickers were used for “GES” and my Cricut and SCAL for “grad”. There is a silver brad from my stash on the card with small PhotoSheet photos that says “joy” that I loved finding a perfect place to use (from my stash).


I also loved getting a pic of her adjusting her first dressy party shoes (for her first dance after graduation). That’s a benefit of always having a fast point and shoot source of photo-taking. I need to get my camera purse ready again to get these candid shots that I love.

Even though I don’t do the daily or weekly approach to Project Life for space, I like how these little personal pics give a sense of thankfulness to the smaller moments as part of bigger events.

The date is from the stamp that came with earlier kits (love it),

the journal sticker was from a kit I’d ordered online (Bella Rose, My Mind’s Eye).


This used the Project Life Mimthly Title card as a basis for a photo layout. I had family visiters I wanted to include, but was running low on space to fit them in around focal pics of her, so this was a perfect solution. I really can’t recommend PhotoSheet free program enough, and it’s FREE!!! I cut side two of the 4×6 spread I created and cut one small one to fit the space.

The background on this one was distracting to me, a lot of greens and her dress was teal, so a black and white background helped, albeit an imperfect attempt.


So, that wraps up the graduation series. I think I calculated an ungodly number of graduations between the three kids in the next 20 years, so I should get good at them! (My Girl also from the kit I ordered online, let’s see, it’s a My Mind’s Eye series called Stella Rose).

Comment so I can share your Project Life journey! I’m getting a lot of fresh inspiration from Pinterest as well to fill in some holes and complete pages I had only partially finished. I like to work I phases, though, placing photos first, them adding things in as I find coordinating supplies, stubs, or inspiration to finish. It’s a work in progress for me!

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