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Project Life: Easiest Scrapbooking in the World

April 1, 2011

I have sifted through 14 years of duplicates this week and have completed six of those years in just two weeks.  This method involves 12″ X 12″ divided page protectors, doing away with the need to crop (unless you want to), tape, or glue.  It also takes care of that pesky problem with most slide-in photo albums of not having the correct orientation slides for your photos.  The pages come in all sorts of sizes shapes, and orientations.  I lay out the photos I want to go on a page, then choose the protector that suits the need for that page.

While there is space for creativity if you desire, you don’t even need that!

This method is great for when you have bulk work to do, or older photos you do not want to scan or risk damaging.


Here’s a slide-show for larger viewing if you have time to let it load.  If not, the same photos are below (click on each to see it larger.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These particular photo protectors are NOT the protectors that come with the official “Project Life” kit, nor does it take on the “daily” most people use that kit for.  I am using their ideas to accomplish my own goals of doing photo back-log with various divided page projectors.  I did not use most of the journaling cards that came with the kit for this project.  After I get photos I already have printed caught up, I hope to use more of the actual kids for the “daily” journaling.  I will probably still only use it as I feel like taking photos rather than “week by week” as most are using it.  I think it takes something away from my photography to make a “to do” list out of it.  I like to follow my own impulses more.  But, we’ll see.  For this “back log” of photos I’m tackling, I plan to go back and add in some writing/dates/detail to my project as time allows.  For now, the photos are OUT OF SHOEBOXES!  Yay me!

I put in all the photos that could go together in some sort of general order in the sleeves, then am going back to fill in titles or journaling as there is space.   I mounted the 3.5X5″ inch ones on 4X6″ white cardstock and used the extra white space on the mat cardstock for journaling.  In some cases, I wrote with a permanent marker on the plastic sleeve (see the home remodeling pages).  It just seemed to work, though it may rub off…if so, fingernail polish remover takes it off.  I’ll continue to work on journaling and labeling and making it pretty  as I have time and patience.  In some cases, I used my nestability dies, or office sticky labels for dates on top of the protectors.  My rule of thumb for this amount of bulk is “photos first”.  I didn’t have a great camera in those years, and each of the baby faces is special to me.  I just want them in books for this one family album to enjoy.  I can always pull out special ones to traditionally scrapbook for them as I desire later.   I like journaling each photo with a sticker label for this amount of bulk, plus, it seems easier for my guys to follow than a lot of writing.

Ideas for labeling individual photos:

  • A banker’s label punch worked great to fold and drape over the folder.  I just added a smidge of dot runner tape to the back of the photo to keep it from sliding when I pushed both into the protector.
  • In some cases, I made a paperclip label, especially when the protector allowed something to stick out of the top (some brand protectors slide from the side, making this impossible, while other photo slide from the top, making it possible).
  • I plan to add a few page tabs to indicate the passing of the first year as soon as I can find them at a store.

Feel free to comment or add any questions.  If you are doing Purpose Life and are posting your photos with titles were I can find you or are on the gallery at Project Life, chances are, I’ve been visiting you!


Divided Page ProtectorsAC Divided Page Protectors

8.5X11″ standard Page Protectors


SCAL, Cricut, and SVG cut files

Patterned Paper (Various)

Stickers, Labels

Project Life

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Julie Tann permalink
    May 24, 2011 6:04 am

    Brilliant ideas:). I’ve been using divide page protectors for ages
    and learning how to use yours has really helped motivate me.

    I like how you’ve written on the sleeves and also made your own journaling cards.

    Do you add stickers to any of the pages?

    I always slip a card at the back of each picture with the info on but wrtiting on the
    front of the sleeve is a brilliant idea:)

    Thank you for motivating me!!!

    • October 11, 2011 9:20 am

      I do put stickers on the outside of the pages…I have done that with journaling tags, and with birthday stickers so far. It doesn’t damage the pic, ads a theme to the pages, and is fun. They also come off easily if I decide I don’t like them later! You are welcome! Post your work and I’ll check it out, too!

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