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SVG Sets

March 25, 2011

So, as you know, I do a lot of cutting with my Cricut + Sure Cuts a Lot program.

I cut SVG files, but they are hard to find in sets and not available in stores.  I found a couple companies online and one is having a sale today:  Lettering Delights  (see sidebar for link).

Here are two of my favorite sets for spring they have on sale (were $5, now $2) called  “Spring is Bliss” and “Peeps”.   I don’t really enjoy intricate paper piecing for cuts as in “Peeps”, but I think it would look totally adorable as a print N cut.  LOVE these colors!

I also use a lot of their $1 fonts and their free fonts–their prices are really cheap compared to some font sites which charge hundreds of dollars for one font.  Hope this helps!

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  1. Damiane Lucas permalink
    March 26, 2011 10:11 am

    I just discovered your blog and learned that you just received your PL kit. While assembling it, did you notice that the page protector holes are rather small and don’t have much “give”? This was a big issue for me.

    The page protector holes were too small, tight, and out of alignment. I had to force them into the binder, then jerk each page to turn it. I was so disappointed that I returned the entire kit.

    I am still doing the PL album, but I am doing it my way. I purchased similar page protectors from “We R Memory Keepers” and love the quality of these sheet protectors. I am also having fun coming up with my own journaling cards.

    While I love Becky Higgins’ Turquoise kit, I think that the thin and faulty page protectors need to be re-manufactured.

    Thanks for posting. I love your blog.

    • March 27, 2011 11:15 pm

      I haven’t got a lot of bulk in the album, though i have inserted all the pages. I did notice that the We R Memory Keepers pages have double holes in the top and bottom section to allow for give in page turning. I was thinking if this proved a big issue (as I’d read about), I’d try to just enlarge the holes. Would not be my favorite task of all time, but not too difficult. The holes are not reinforced, so I think it could be done, perhaps? I just print a LOT of small photos and couldn’t find many options for this otherwise. I’ll check out your blog, and thanks for stopping by and commenting! I love to talk about PL and the general approach right now! It’s almost an addiction. Loving the freedom and GETTING IT DONE! I’m working on photos I already have printed before I print any more…just a discipline I’m working on, though I can’t wait to get started on my “real kits!”

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