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Project Life is Here!

March 24, 2011

My “big white boxes” arrived in the mail today.  I am so excited.  My cousin, Rhonda, was here.  We unpacked them together.  So fun to have someone to share my happy moment!  She even took my picture…

I have pulled out the designated “first” and “last” cards to place.  Not sure if I’ll leave them how I’ve got them, but at least I won’t use them elsewhere until I know.   All the little boxes the cards came in or cute, I really needed them more visually accessible, so I used the first first page protectors of my books to carefully stick the cards and stickers.  After I get familiar with the content, I may be able to pile them.

I LOVE the colors of the Turquoise kit.

I also like the Amber kit once it’s together when I’ve seen it used online,  but all together, the various shades of green/turquise are throwing me off.  I found the title and end pages tricky.  Perhaps once the colors are spread throughout the album, it will help spread out the hues where they don’t conflict as much as they do back to back.

I can’t wait to start on this project, though I’m not positively absolute as to my intentions.


  • do older photos I do NOT want to put tape on
  • do the amber for my daughter and the turqouise for my sons
  • mix and match them to catch up family photos for the last few years
  • wait until I’m inspired

In any case, I’m way thankful to Becky Higgins for this novel approach, hybrid method, and genius packaging.  She rocks.  This is one of those ideas I thought of five years ago– wish I’d had her business sense to pull together.  Why don’t I think like a business person?  I have no idea how Becky pulls it all together, but she does it well.

As a bonus,  this was in my package:

Is it…

  • a secret message from Becky Higgins to let me know my order is free, if only I discover this “golden ticket” within the shipment?
  • Becky Higgins had her hands full and was writing down a phone number when she dropped it into one of the many boxes going out.  My giving her the number back will be life saving?
  • a stock boy was keeping count of the number of these babies he’d boxed up?


The Hub is taking me to Mexican, so all for now!



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  1. March 26, 2011 4:32 pm

    order 2 packages of the assorted divided page protectors from Ritz as a starting point—–we’ll see out it goes, I can visualize getting some of the boys childhood years put together pretty quickly

    • March 27, 2011 11:16 pm

      I’m enjoying it. I think the quality of these is even better than the Project Life kits. I’m really enjoying going through their earlier photos now that they are getting SO BIG, too. It’s fun to tell them stories they’ve asked me questions about before (today: what did my first room/first house look like?)

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