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Project Life: Easiest Scrapbooking in the World

March 1, 2011

This method avoids the gluing and creativity often associated with traditional scrapbooking.  You simply slide the photos into various 12X12″ sleeves which have been partitioned to hold various size folders as horizontol or vertical orientation, or even some which are mixed (thank you!)

These are the 4X6 duplicate photos I’m scrapbooking using the Project Life approach of divided page protectors. These particular photo protectors are NOT the protectors that come with the kit.

I put in all the photos that could go together in some sort of general order in the sleeves, then am going back to fill in titles or journaling as there is space.   I’ll continue to work on this task as I have time and patience, so some pages are more bland than others.  A work in progress.

In some cases, I used my nestabilities to tape (4 Months) on the photos if there was no space to journal.  I also used sticky labels on TOP of the plastic page protectors.

I plan to also add a few page tabs to indicate the passing of the first year.

If you are doing Purpose Life and are posting your photos with titles were I can find you or are on the gallery at Project Life, chances are, I’ve been visiting you!

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