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Free Halloween Cute Little Ghost by the Amazing Lora

October 25, 2009

I have been downloading a number of free .svg files for my SCAL software and Cricut.  Those files can be found using Google search terms such as “svg free files”.  Look in sidebars and often you will be linked to other bloggers who post svg files and tutorials.

A fun place I looked today was on’s forum in a category called “svg repository” where forum members post their own svg files.  Some are cleaner than others.

Another great resource I found was this blogger:

A seasonal halloween favorite from the amazing Lora was this little ghost trick or treater!  Such a cute and free SVG.  It is one of those files that just “feels great” after you cut it.  I held mine for a few days before I could bear to glue it onto a layout and carried it around to show all my friends!

lbw-trick or treating ghost

Go visit Lora’s blog for the layered svg file and to fine other amazing things!  Thanks so much, Lora!  I totally LOVED this cute, little guy!  It got me over the hump of disliking Halloween so much that I’ve never even scrapped my kids halloween photos!  (I know, it’s a sad, sad thing!)

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