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Palm Sunday Sunday School Craft Using My Cricut and SCAL

April 4, 2009

Tonight I prepared some Palm Sunday crafts for my Sunday School class using Sure Cuts a Lot and my Cricut.

I got the original idea from the fine people here, then decided I didn’t want to devote the classroom time to cutting due to the make-up of my class this year…so I made a quick cricut pattern using SCAL and pre-cut those.

Also, in attaching the frons to the straws, I decided that stapling the paper through the straw was going to work better for us than the recommended gluing.  I also decided to cut from green paper rather than going the “coloring” route, though if you wanted the project to take more time you could add those elements in.


It was suggested that the straws made a little safer project for 2nd graders than read palm branches, and it’s just a cool project using things I already had at home.

To create the fronds, I just opened SCAL, and “welded” together an oval and a rectangle to get the original shaped.  Except for the special frond at the end of the straw…for it, I welded on a triangle for wrapping around the straw.

I wanted floppy paper, so I used regular green paper rather than card stock.  That was all good, except that it did curl up when I pulled it off the sticky cricut mat.  I figure that will make a good conversation piece.  They can probably smooth it back out.

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