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My Scrapbook Space 2008

December 31, 2008

This is my scrap space-guest room.  I have spaces for two kids to work with me, a computer desk, a sewing desk, a main desk, and a bed in there.

The decorating people would say, “WHAT IS THIS ROOM!?”  But, it’s next to the TV room, and by my bedroom…a great area to flow in and out of…and I LOVE IT!

I may move to the basement in my next rework, but for now…the Wii is upstairs, so that’s where the kids are and where I need to be–where they play is where I want to be.

Where there is “clickable” or an asterix (*), you can click the photo for more detail about the spot and why it’s the way it is…I typed in stuff for all the pictures, but half of them aren’t showing and I’m not sure why.  I tried twice, so you’ll just have to have a visual tour.  Ask anything you like…all the tables are second hand or makeshift.  There are six work tables in the guest room.  Yup…I said SIX.  You can get around the bed, and it feels pretty orderly to me, though I’m sure it isn’t fashionable.  I like the homey look to the room…I feel restful in there because all my nostalgic stuff is in that room.

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