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Square Marvey Giga Punch On Sale At JoAnn’s This Week

September 28, 2008

Just took advantage of a few sales at Joann’s Fabric. 3.95 shipping for new online accounts.

  • 1-50% off coupon, off regular price made the now on sale for $14.99 punch (lowest price online already), $9.99. Ali Edwards can’t stop talking about this punch, and I’ve tried here “tiling” approach butting up photos cutting with other methods and can’t seem to get the tiles exactly the same size for a great grid.  I think this will really help me.  I already have four square punches, but they are all used a lot, and I think this 3″ size will be great.  I think that standard geometric shape punches are a great investment for a lot of different types of projects over the years.

I also bought six of the post pound leather “chocolate” Making Memories albums for the kids school books while I had the cheap flat rate shipping.  The album sale price is $14.99, and with the low shipping, that’s awesome!

I kept going back and forth between three ring American Crafts and a similar brown post bound.  I think the big decision-maker for me was that the post bounds have held up so well to the kid’s handling.  Though post-bounds are a big harder to load initially, if you get top loading refill pages, the pages can be inserted and taken out without too much trouble.  I usually buy a ton of generic refill pages and posts to cut costs–just do that from the beginning so that the refills all match if that bugs you.

Also, I just loved the stitching and leather look for my living room.  I plan to keep these in a more formal room and just loved the “weight” of the albums.  I hope they are not too bulky. We’ll see!

I’m just glad to have something to start putting all these pages in!  Even though it’s an expense, I think clearing my desk and keeping them unwrinkled will motivate me to move forward, and getting the memory clutter under control is a huge objective for this mom this year.  It’s good to either have a plan to get it dealt with, or just release yourself from the obligation.

The Becky Higgin’s School Years Kit of the Month Set (awesome, but sold out…she often gives one away on her blog, though if you want to check that out) is really motivating me to methodically address each year, so I’m loving the approach and hope to begin moving forward on each grade for the three kids.

UPDATE:  Now that I have these post bound items…I’m wondering how to handle these “packets” for each child’s grade…I’m just not sure how the post bound is going to handle all this spine bulk.  Yikes!

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