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FREE for PSE 5.0, Text on a Shaped Paths!

August 23, 2008

Look what I found…download free these files from, and you can type text around a square, circle, star, heart, or full flower!

Now, at first, I had trouble figuring out how to make it work…simply open the files with PSE and resize to taste.  Don’t try to “instal them” somewhere.  I had them about four weeks before that lightbulb hit me.  Click on the text path to type.  Since you can’t install them, I simply created a tag in the PSE Organizer to access it quickly from there when I want to use them.  VERY COOL!

Not really, but you can make it look that way since PSE can’t do real paths.  I love this look!

I was reading tonight on Ali Edward’s blog a question whether or not you could emmulate her square text on a path lay-out.  She referred readers to this really cool website where you can purchase text paths.   I got to thinking, though, that I could probably do a square and a circle on my own with a little PSE creativity.

This is an example of a square text journaling “path” on a title layout I already had going.  I created several linear text paths, reversing the bottom (mirror) one for it to look like a text path.

So, there are actually several layers of text here:  seven text layers, actually, one for each word of the title, and one for each line of text in the square.

You can flatten them all when you are done, or just convert to .jpg file to flatten the final result.

Actually you, also do the circle ones in PSE by taking text, mirror imaging it (I think), then converting it to “Polar coordinates” under “filter|distor|polor coordinates”. You just have to play with the text length size enough to get the ends to meet.

I also like the arrow, and I think I can sort of manually create that by justify-ing my own text — perhaps best done by also using a lot of text lines to get the alignment?  I’ll enjoy playing with that soon.

The swirl patterns are way cool.  I wonder if I can create text and then use the text options and create a swirl to match the text.  We’ll see!  I love ideas that make me think…I wonder if I could do that?

Anyway, here’s the square idea for now!  I hope to try the other ideas tomorrow.


Keyboard short-cut not available in PSE for justifying text:

Link to a free download of several paths you can download for Photoshop Elements:

(I’m working on getting this to install to day on PSE 5.0 without a lot of luck.  Let me know if you can run it!  I installed the files to “text” folder.)

Today, I’m going back to a Creative Keepsakes Designer program my husband had gotten me years ago so that I can put text justified inside a few basic shapes and print for journaling blocks, like this:

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