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OrganiZing PHotoS Using PSE 5.0: What NOT to do

August 18, 2008

I’ve made a habit the last few years of loading my pics up to “My Pictures” by month.

Most of us do this.

My problem is…I wait until the end of the year to create a folder with that year to put the monthly folders for that year IN.

I like to see each month through the year to click in and out of…then the end of the year, i like to consolidate.

This works GREAT for me.  I tag picture by face recognition and as I have time in Photoshop Elements.  The combination of month, person, event, place…It all works well…


I change a file name.

I just recommend not making a habit of changing your photo file names, or where they are located.

For example, when I put all those monthly folders in a newly created 2008 folder at the end of the year…the photos become “disconnected with PSE.  I’ve just spent the last four and half hours redirecting PSE where to look for each month’s worth of say 500 photos.  Yes, I take a LOT of photos.

I have mouse cramp.

This year, I think I may leave all the folders open, and create a new “My Pictures 2009” folder for uploading 2009’s monthly photos.  I don’t like the workability of this for me, and it will slow me down some.  But, it will speed up my use of PSE, and at the end of the year…everything is in that one folder without having to be moved.

Live and learn.

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