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Celebrating The First Day of School

August 5, 2008

The more I scrapbook, the more I want to use it to celebrate the people in my lives…things I don’t want to forget.  Today is the first day of school!

I have been collecting a few new tools and stamps and things lately to cheer me when my kids go to school.  I hope when they come home to have some gifts ready for them to let them know they are still on my mind and heart, and that I celebrate their successes as they go.

I also made some little magnetized “mailboxes” to leave them notes in the morning, or when they come home from school, and got some white boards ready for the fridge to leave notes.  I just want for them to feel cherished, when they come home.

Last year, something that worked well was for me to list snacks they could have between school’s out and supper time, so that they worked all asking constantly for food while I was winding up the day and preparing for supper.  I cut up fruit and cleaned it ready for them.  I hope to do that again. It’s all about making time to work and keeping their needs met, making them feel loved, cherished, and cared for.

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