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Summer Work on Red’s First Grade Pages

July 29, 2008

These are the opening two pages to his 1st Grade.  We didn’t like his school photo as well as his Upward Basketball photo, and photo opportunities for three kids was killing us.  So, we just bought small ones of the school pics and bought larger ones of his athletic events.  It’s okay!

I also bought this great copy of his 1st grade class with it already printed on the picture all the kid’s names.  Don’t miss reading about these Spring Ops for pictures if your school offers them!  I took an informal photo of all three kids against the tree outside as seen above.  We did not buy formal soccer photos, but these were just as good!  Be creative!

  • Tools Used: “Perfect Layers”  from QVC.  I love this tool!  It gives you perfectly spaced matts around photos, and and added layout of dimension I love.  I have a friend who triple matts, and though I gasp at the amount of paper that takes…it is GORGEOUS.
  • letters border sticker, circles from the school years kit from Becky Higgins

This is my desk and the second layout. I scrap in my guest room…and the guests can color while they are there.  I just got this table and am loving the space!  I have loved getting rid of as much plastic as I can around my work area, though I still use some for small drawers.  I love the earthy, natural feel of the wood…it makes me feel like I’m outside, I guess!  It feeds me.  I also love metal and am collecting metal trays to use.

I’m using Becky Higgin’s School Year’s Kit to organize my kids school things.  It is WONDERFUL if you can still find one.  It was a Creative Keepsakes Kit of the Month and is sold out.  I have also bought the expansion kit for the stamp, ribbon, extra paper, extra pockets, and other metal add-on goodies.

Working on my photoblocking skills, where you just but same sized photos next to one another.  I use a Xyron sticker maker for this as the best way to get them all stuck well.  Taper runners failed me.

No room for journaling with this style photoblocking, but I did want to add some photo notes, so I took Ali Edwards approach and wrote directly on the photos.  Note to self:  Upgrade pen for writing on photos directly with these:


Signo – White Uni-ball Impact Pen

American Crafts – Precision Pen – All Black – 5 Pack ebay

(I just bought both online from ebay!)

An inset of an event in history on his 1st Grade page so that he’d remember it went with that school year.

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  1. July 30, 2008 12:33 am

    Love the strong colors you’ve used. It should be a great album.

  2. July 30, 2008 8:06 am

    Thank you for visiting my new site, Karooch!

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